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Official Website of 'Bundy On Tap'

The Australian town of Bundanoon, in the NSW Southern

Highlands, 150 km south west of Sydney, has decided of its own

volition to neither sell, nor giveaway, bottled still water, within the

town precinct.

A meeting of about 20 businesses initially agreed to the initiative.

This was followed by community meeting in early July 2009, where

the packed town hall of 356 residents voted overwhelmingly to

support the initiative.When bottled water alternatives were officially

launched in late September 2009, it is believed Bundanoon became

Australia's First Bottled Water Free Town. (And possibly the

world's first.)

This small town, community initiative has generated unprecedented

national and international media coverage and worldwide support.

As part of the initiative, Bundanoon expanded drinking water

facilities in the town. Indeed access to drinking water in Bundanoon

is now greater than before ‘Bundy On Tap’ began.

Businesses have available for sale reusable drink bottles and chilled

filtered tap water, whilst both free filtered water stations, and water

fountains or 'bubblers,' provide for the general public, and for local

primary school children.


Bundy on Tap Wins Tidy Town Award

Bundanoon has taken out this year’s "Waste Management and

Litter Reductions" category at the 2011 Keep Australia Beautiful

NSW Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards for the 'Bundy

on Tap' initiative . Bundanoon also came second in the overall

Category C award.

Bundy on Tap was praised for being "one of the most well-thought-

out, well-orchestrated and delivered projects" that Tidy Towns

assessor Phil Bryant had ever seen.

“Not only has this project been a very worthwhile environmental

undertaking, but its acceptance and support by the community as a

whole has been outstanding,” Bryant said.


Bundy on Tap

at the Powerhouse Museum

Australia's largest and most popular museum, The Powerhouse

Museum, in Sydney, has just revamped one of its permanent

exhibitions — EcoLogic

With the Powerhouse attracting over 700,000 visitors annually

inclusion in this permanent exhibit is a yet another way the

small village of Bundanoon has been able to leverage the

message about the environmental travesty that is the single

serve bottled water industry.


Bundy on Tap's Huw Kingston, with Bundanoon Primary

School students and their water fountain and bottle refill station

on the cover of the 2011/12 Southern Highlands phonebook.

Huw is currently present in Concord, Massachusetts, USA,

as of April 2012, as the town meets to discuss Article 32, a

proposal to phase out retail sale of bottled water in containers

less than 1 litre volume.


See updated Bundy on Tap Timeline for more events and awards

for this community-driven environmental initiative.