Brigadoon Goes Bottled Water Free

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On Saturday, 17 April 2010, the famed Bundanoon

Highland Gathering, known affectionately as Brigadoon,

became bottled water free.

This was no small undertaking, as the event is one of the

world's largest highland gatherings (with often over 15,000

visitors). But it makes cents, because canny Scots know a

thing or two about not wasting their money.

Brigadoon is perhaps the largest public event in Australia,

in recent times, to have gone Bottled Water Free

Water is an essential ingredient in the success of public

events. Aside from being a healthier beverage than the

likes of soft drinks, it can reduce the incidence of

dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion (shade helps

too!) But that doesn't mean it has to be commercial bottled

water. As Brigadoon 2010 clearly demonstrated.

Bundy On Tap, Brigadoon and Culligan Water showed that

working together it is possible hold a very successful major

public event that is also Bottled Water Free.


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• Bundy on Tap had a stall providing information

about how Bundanoon went Bottled Water Free. The

volunteers also sold nearly 200 special Bundy On Tap

reusable bottles.

•  Bundy on Tap volunteers walked amongst the

assembled masses, dispensing free town tap water

(chilled and filtered by Culligan Water) from

backpacks (also provided by Culligan Water)

Culligan Water had two stalls dispensing free chilled

and filtered town tap water, as well as selling their own

flat pack, reusable water bottles.

• Brigadoon had advised stall holders that as a

supporter of Bundy on Tap the event would not sell nor

giveaway commercial bottled water.

• Brigadoon also made regular public address

announcements advising attendees how they could get

free town water.

• The local primary school won an award for their

street parade float under the joint theme of Refill, Not

Landfill and Bunny Green Bundy.


There was a wonderful, bubbly atmosphere to the day. Attendees were chuffed

to be waited on by the roving water backpacker wallas. Some young kids

couldn't believe the water was free, they had to ask a couple of times to be

convinced, so entrenched has become the notion that water must come from

single use bottles. May what is now such a novelty soon revert, to once again

being commonplace.

The Bundy On Tap project is indebted to the Brigadoon Highland Gathering

Committee for steadfastly supporting the bottled water free initiative.

Particular thanks must go to John Gale who championed the idea on behalf of

the committee. A huge thanks also the Culligan Water, who made the logistics

work on the day. Their crew at Brigadoon worked tirelessly refilling attendees

water bottles. Great job guys. And a big pat on the back to Bundy On Tap's

own volunteer team for putting in the hard yards.