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Bundy on Tap History Timeline

Mar 2008

Local businessman, Huw Kingston, thinks up the idea of the Bundanoon village going bottled water free.

As opposition to the larger issue of bottled water, which has become more apparent via the proposed Norlex water extraction plant

He drafts an early article to sound out viability of concept

1 Mar 2009

The eventual article, entitled A Town With No Bottle? by Huw Kingston, is published in the Jordan's Crossing Gazette

Edition 56, March 2009 issue (page 11). The JCG, Bundanoon's own local news magazine, has a quarterly print run of 1,800 copies.

23 Apr 2009

A community-based, volunteer working group forms, to make Huw's concept a reality

14 May 2009

At another meeting the working group takes the name Bundy on Tap (BOT). Meets roughly fortnightly thereafter

15 May 2009

Contact made with Jon Dee (of the Do Something! environment group), who'd previously helped a town go Plastic Bag Free

18 May 2009

Front Page story in Southern Highlands News, the main local newspaper, (readership of over 8,000 people).

Story picked up and ran by ABC Illawarra Radio for news and 'Drive' slots.

3 Jun 2009

Jon Dee of Do Something! visits Bundanoon

Speaks on bottled water free benefits to the community and environment, at a special meeting of Bundy on Tap working group.

Local businesses also invited to attend, several of whom do.

5 Jun 2009

Eager media outlets, like ABC Triple J radio and WIN TV Wollongong, requested to curb enthusiasm until proposal is more advanced

9 Jun 2009

Jon Dee advises that Street Furniture Australia have offered 'in-principal' support to supply three water stations.

Culligan Water also expected to assist with filtration units

Work is under way on a Bundy On Tap logo, by graphic designer on the BOT working group

Proposal that Bundy On Tap become a sub-committee of Bundanoon Community Association (BCA)

Proposal to engage with Wingecarribee Shore Council to support installation of water stations

18 Jun 2009

Bundanoon Highland Gathering (Brigadoon) Committee offer their in-principal' support

23 Jun 2009

Street Furniture Australia and Culligan Water are confirmed as co-sponsors of three water stations

Two for town streets and one for primary school with approx value of $18,000

(on proviso that Bundanoon goes bottled free by neither selling nor giving away bottled water at any town retail outlets and events.

Bottles of Australia (BoA) make a special offer to provide bottles at bulk purchase price.

Bundy On Tap is now a sub-committee of Bundanoon Community Association (BCA)

Bundanoon business meeting. BOT  Proposal endorsed by 18 of 19 attendees

Peter Stewart From Bundanoon Newsagency endorsed as spokesperson for businesses

29 Jun 2009

An introductory community letter is prepared by BOT volunteers. Subsequently printed and letterboxed to Bundanoon households

8 Jul 2009

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper runs a front page story about the town meeting that night in Bundanoon.

The meeting where villagers will vote if they want to create Australia's First Bottled Water Free Town.

Also carried by Melbourne Age. Phone interviews follow on ABC Sydney, Melbourne, Illawarra and Canberra.

Then ABC Radio AM nationwide, after which came Radio 3AW Melbourne, ABC Darwin and 4BC Brisbane.

Soon becomes a national and international media firestorm.

Three television new crews fly to Bundanoon to file stories for the evening news.

More than 200 interviews worldwide are given over the next three days.

In wake of Bundanoon story, NSW Premier, Nathan Rees, announces NSW government departments will go bottled water free.

With the later caveat that this will occur when their existing contracts with bottled water vendors expire

356 people attend an open community meeting at Bundanoon Memorial Hall.

The most attended town meeting that many residents can recall.

Presentations by Huw Kingston, Jon Dee and Peter Stewart,

The community are asked if they are in favour of the endeavour to make Bundanoon Australia's First Bottled Water Free Town.

355 residents agree. One resident disagrees. It is agree the proposed project will proceed

13 July 2009

The business name Bundy On Tap is registered to the Bundanoon Community Association (BCA)

24 Jul 2009

Bundy on Tap website (www.bundyontap.com.au) goes live.

Site contains much of the background of the Bundy On Tap campaign.

Designed by Bundy on Tap volunteer, and hosted by Ilisys (a MYOB company) as part of their community outreach program.

BOT meet with Bart Yeo, Community Economic Development Manager with Department of Industry & Investment NSW

Meeting regards suitability of the BOT project for support from the department for a regional development grant

29 Jul 2009

Bundy on Tap presentation to Wingecarribee Shire Council (WSC)

12 Aug 2009

Bundy On Tap committee members meet with Wingecarribee Shire Council, regarding water station installation

Camelbak's Better Bottle selected as official Bundy on Tap Premium Bottle.

Camelbak's sponsorship of Bundy of Tap is worth $58,000 in retail terms.

Decision made after evaluating other proposals, including those from Nalgene and Sigg.

16 Aug 2009

Bottles of Australia (BoA) confirmed as supplier of Bundy on Tap Budget Bottle.

17 Aug 2009

Bundanoon is confirmed as Green Towns Finalist for News.com.au Green Awards 2009

Traffic Management Plan submitted to Wingecarribee Shire Council for main street road closure on launch day (26 Sep 09)

31 Aug 2009

Bundy on Tap is a successful applicant for a $20,000 regional development grant from Industry & Investment NSW

07 Sep 2009

Huw Kingston selected as Green Hero Award as part of News.com.au Green Awards 2009

08 Sep 2009

Culligan Water install in-store filtered water station for those Bundanoon retailers who took up the offer

Artwork for Bundy on Tap launch day Letterbox Flyer and Poster finalised by BOT Committee volunteer

10 Sep 2009

All retailers of bottled water in Bundanoon have signed the voluntary statement of intent

Huw Kingston is listed as one of top 25 international community service Responsible Pioneers in Time magazine

26 Sep 2009

Bundy On Tap officially launches in Bundanoon, on a day that had the trio of Rain, Hail and Shine

An all singing and dancing event (supplied by both local choir and primary school respectively).

A piper leads village on Water Walk to officially unveil three water stations at primary school, post office and main street.

Sponsors and participating retailers are acknowledged with specially engraved glass water bottles.

Local Rural Fire Service (RFS) is donated a large quantity of BOT budget bottles.

Bundanoon hosts Australian Premier Screening of the acclaimed movie length documentary, Tapped.

20 Oct 2009

Information Flyer detailing the progress of the Bundy on Tap project to-date is finalised

18 Nov 2009

Jon Dee, co-founder of Do Something!, Bundy On Tap's media partner, is named 2010 NSW Australian of the Year

15 Dec 2009

Shoalhaven Council (NSW) votes (PDF) to trial the installation of public water fountains in Kangaroo Valley & Milton

13 Apr 2010

The European Institute of Cultural Routes awards Bundy On Tap and Huw Kingston top prize in The Environment selection

17 Apr 2010

Brigadoon, one of the largest Highland Gathering festivals in the world, goes Bottled Water Free in Bundanoon

06 Jul 2010

Bundanoon village holds a community party to celebrate the achievements of the past year, since the community vote

02 Sep 2010

On Home and Away, Channel 7's TV drama, Summer Bay votes to become Bottle Water Free, after lobbying from schoolkids

27 Oct 2010

Wingecarribee Shire Council enacts Bottled Water Free Policy, offering a "Bottled Water Free" service across all of it's functions"

15 Nov 2010

Win a 2010 Tidy Towns Award (PDF) for Waste Management & Litter Reduction. Come second in overall in our population category

30 Nov 2010

Official launch of the Powerhouse Museum revamped EcoLogic permanent exhibit, which now includes the Bundy on Tap story

Jan 2011

Sandra Menteith, BOT Project Coordinator, nominee as Wingecarribee Shire Council Citizen of The Year, for  sustainability work

26 Jan 2011

Wingecarribee Council use their new events-based portable water refill station for the Australia Day festival in Berrima

26 Mar 2011

Several Sydney YHA Youth Hostels stopped selling bottled water. Instead, guests can buy a refillable bottle for just $3

5 Jun 2011

Bundy on Tap co-wins the prestigious Australian Conservation Foundation's Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award

8 Sep 2011

Sandra Menteith, Bundy on Tap Project Coordinator, is guest presenter at International Conference of Eco Ideas, Manly , Sydney

21 Apr 2011

Award winning Brigadoon, one of the largest Highland Gathering festivals in the world, is Bottled Water Free for third year running

25 Apr 2012

BOT founder, Huw Kingston, attends Concord, USA, as town meets on a retail bottled water phase out proposal - Article 32.

NB: This timeline is a work-in-progress. Not all events are listed.  More Bundy On Tap campaign milestones will be added later.