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Saturday 26 September 2009

Join the Bundanoon Community to celebrate becoming Australia's First Bottle Water

Free Town

Music, Song, Food, Invited Guests, Official Tap Turnings, Water Wander, and More.

10 am. Water Wander commences at Community Hall with local choir Serendipity

singing ‘Bundy Fantastic,’ A pied piper then leads the Water Wander to Bundanoon

Primary School (Church St), where the first of three new water stations will be officially

turned on. The Water Wander proceeds then to water stations outside the Post Office,

before arriving outside the Primula Café (Railway Ave).

10.30 am (approx) Official ‘Bundy on Tap’ launch ceremony on the footpath terrace in

Railway Avenue, with presentations, and a Thank You to Bundanoon businesses. 

12.30 pm Australian Premier of the acclaimed documentary on the bottled water

industry, 'Tapped', will screen in the Community Hall. (see right panel for more info)

Launch Organiser:

Patrick Fitzgerald, Mobile: 0412 204 262 Email Patrick

Media Contact:

Huw Kingston, Mobile 0418 977 609 Email Huw


• A draw will be held to select the lucky local person to cut the ribbon and fill the first

bottle at each of the three Official Tap Turnings.

• Put your name in the box in the weeks leading up to the Official Launch on Saturday,

26 September 2009

• The draw at the primary school is for attending school children only

• Food will available from local cafes and the Bundanoon Lions Club.

• The main street will be closed to vehicular traffic for a few hours, due the launch


• Through traffic will diverted via Osbourne St and Osbourne Ave, so care still needs to

be taken when walking between the Primary School and Post Office

• Audio Visual presentations will run inside the Community Hall, during to the launch.



On 8 July 2009, over 350 residents of

Bundanoon, a town in the Southern

Highlands of NSW, Australia, voted to

voluntarily become Australia's First Bottle

Water Free Town. The community of

Bundanoon have agreed to support

businesses and events in the town

boundaries for not distributing (for sale,

or as a give-away) “still, and lightly

flavoured still water in sealed ‘single-use’

bottles.” In the Bundanoon context

“bottled water” does not refer to

sparkling/mineral water, fruit juices,

sports drinks etc, because, unlike still

water, these are not readily supplied as

municipal tap water.

For more information see the our Bundy

On Tap Campaign page or our Question

and Answers page


Going Forward

Come along to the Official Launch of Bundy

on Tap on the morning of Saturday, 26

September 2009.

And support the pioneering businesses and

events who are supporting the initiative,

which is considered to be a world first:

Bundanoon Bakery

Bundanoon Club

Bundanoon Deli

Bundanoon Hotel

Bundanoon Newsagency

Bundanoon Pizza & Pasta

Bundanoon Supermarket

Brigadoon Highland Gathering

The Highland Fling

Jimoru Service Station

Pioneer Flask Bottle Shop

Primula Cafe

Red Violin Cafe

Ye Olde Bicycle Shoppe


Progress Report (August 2009)

A volunteer group has been hard at work

ensuring ‘Bundy on Tap’ is a successful

grassroots venture. They’ve teamed with

environmental campaign organisation Do

Something! to obtain three water stations

that will provide filtered water to the general

public, via Street Furniture Australia and

Culligan Water, with installation provided by

Wingecarribee Shire Council. Another such

station is being donated to the Bundanoon

Primary School. Chilled and Filtered water

stations have also been made available to

interested businesses.

Additionally, special ‘Bundy on Tap’ budget

and premium reusable drink bottles have

been sourced for businesses to sell, to help

compensate for any loss of income that might

result from removing bottled water from

their drinks fridges. Bottles of Australia and

Camelbak are the respective bottle partners.

Signage, and a website, has been developed

so people are well informed about this

community initiative, which has received

widespread national and international

interest and support.


Bundanoon: Australia's First Bottle Water Free Town


Australian Premier - Tapped

Australia’s first bottled-water-free town scored

another first when Atlas Films chose Bundanoon 

as the site for the Australian Premiere of the

feature length documentary, Tapped.

This hard-hitting, award-winning film by the

makers of the hit, Who Killed the Electric Car? will

be shown in the Bundanoon Memorial Hall at

12:30 on Saturday, 26 September, following

the official launch of “Bundy-on-Tap.”

Reviewer Justin O’Neill writes, “Tapped is an

informative and entertaining look at the disturbing

history of bottled water…and the damage this

industry has done, and continues to do, to our

planet and our bodies….Tapped paints a poignant

picture of the dirty world of bottled water, of which

many of us are not aware.”

Bundy-on-Tap committee member, Bob Thomas,

said of the movie, “The residents of Bundanoon,

who have fought for years to try to prevent the

Norlex company from taking water from the

Bundanoon aquifer for bottling, know only too well

how dirty the world of bottled water is.  A key issue

in the film is the control of a diminishing resource

– fresh water - We’re really pleased to be able to

premiere Tapped in Bundanoon.”

Thanks to sponsorship from Jackgreen Energy and

Easy Being Green the public will be able to see the

film on a donation at the door basis. People will

only have to give what they think they can afford.

Watch the Trailer by clicking here