Premium Bottle


This is a 750ml Better Bottle, sourced from Camelbak Australia, the local distributor for the American parent company. The bottle is made from a copolyester plastic called Tritan and made by Eastman. Tritan is impact resistant (can handle bumps and knocks), as well as being resistant to odours, taste and stains. Tritan is considered safe for cleaning in dishwashers, and can cope with boiling water, as well as being frozen.


But probably Tritan's most significant claim to fame is that it is BPA free. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. This is a chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastics, which are often known by the trademark Lexan. Polycarbonate water bottles have been favoured for decades, because offer many of the beneficial characteristics noted above for Tritan. However in the past few years, there has been increasing concern about the Bisphenol-A leaching, or releasing from the plastic. BPA is considered an endocrine disruptor, in that it can mimic hormones, with possible adverse reproductive and carcinogenic effects. Other issues related to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and so on have been attributed to the exposure to Bisphenol-A.


Although the science, as it relates to human impact, is relatively new, public concern has moved many companies to seek alternative materials. Camelbak was the first hydration company to replace its BPA containing polycarbonate products with BPA-free Eastman Tritan material.


Tritan is a near indestructable material, when used in normal conditions. It makes the bottle very durable and long lasting. Ideal for a bottle designed to be reused and refilled over and over. The Camelbak Better Bottle does not have a recycling symbol on the base because it falls in the same recycling category as the BPA suspect Polycarbonate, ie., Number 7, which simply means "Other Plastics" and Camelbak felt some customers may confuse the two materials.


The cap on the Better Bottle is made of Polypropylene and the valve is made of medical-grade silicon, neither of which have been shown to contain or leach BPA.


The Camelbak Better Bottle has an unique design, such that it has flip top valve that allows the user to drink simply by gently biting the valve. There is no need to tilt the bottle for the beverage to flow. If the flip top valve is left in the upright position and knocked over the bottle's contents will not spill. The wide mouth lid of the Better Bottle can be unscrewed to allow the bottle to connect with many outdoor sports style water purifiers or filters. The wide mouth also allows for easy cleaning or for snow or ice cubes to be conveniently added. A ring on the cap allows the bottle to be clipped to equipment for quick access.


The first run of Bundy of Tap Premium Bottles were in Red, Green and Blue. The second run in Lime, Pink and Ocean Blue. All BOT bottles come with a stencil, in white, showing the Bundy of Tap logo, with the words "Australia's First Bottled Water Free Town." BOT Premium bottles are $29.


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The Bundy on Tap (BOT) Committee is often asked questions about the reusable, refillable water

bottles selected for the project. Hopefully the information provided here goes some way to answering them.


Budget Bottle

This is a 650ml reuseable, refillable bottle, sourced from

Bottles of Australia (BoA). The bottle is made from a plastic

known as Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). LDPE is a

flexible plastic, which allows the user to squeeze the bottle

with their hand to force more water pass the valve on the

lid. LDPE does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). The bottles

are made in Australia. They are considered safe for use in

both the dishwasher and the freezer. The bottle features a

Clearview strip down the side, so it is easy to gauge the

volume of liquids in the bottle. A wide mouth screw top lid,

though not as wide as the premium bottles, does allow for

somewhat easier cleaning and ice cube insertion. The wide

mouth is not, in this instance with common filters or


LDPE is a very commonly recycled plastic (Its recycling

number is 4).

The Bundy of Tap Budget Bottles come in Blue with a

stencil, in white, showing the Bundy on Tap logo, with the

words "Australia's First Bottled Water Free Town." BOT

Premium bottles are $3.50.


Bundy on Tap Bottle Comparison




750 ml

650 ml


Tritan Copolyester

Low Density Polyethylene




Transparent               Yes                                         No, but translucent strip

BPA Free



Freezer safe



Dishwasher safe



Clip Loop                     Yes                                        No

No Spill Valve            Yes                                         No

No Tilt Sipping          Yes                                         No

Filter Compatible      Yes                                         No

Country of origin



Recycling Code           7                                             4